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Presented by the 2019 NABOR® Leadership Academy




Would you like to know how to keep our waters clean?


3:00 PM Kickoff & Socialize

4:00 PM Speakers & Reef Install



Free Event - FGCU Marine and Environmental Sciences Researchers will show you how coastal waterways can be cleaned up with artificial oyster reefs and habitats made from an unlikely material: broken hockey sticks. See how easy the Rink2Reef™ hockey stick habitat is to install, and celebrate clean water by enjoying a variety of tasty local food and drink options at this food truck paradise.

This event is open to the public.

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What to expect

  • Get up close & personal with an artificial reef constructed using broken carbon fiber hockey sticks and watch it being installed under the docks of Celebration Park.
  • Learn from esteemed scientists & local leaders about what is being done for cleaner water and specific things you can do to help
  • Enjoy a great vendue along with other members of the community who are passionate about cleaner water in SWFL
  • Try a special event drink created by Absolute just for our special celebration.



As director of the Coastal Watershed Institute and the Vester field station, Dr. Parsons continually pursues new avenues for student involvement and community outreach in both research and educational activities. He is also a collaborator in three Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Consortia studying the impacts of the Macondo oil spill on coastal ecosystems in multi-year projects worth over $30 million. His 40+ peer-reviewed publications have been cited over 2,000 times in the scientific literature. Dr. Parsons uses his research program to mentor undergraduate and graduate students in aspects of coastal ecosystem health. 

Professor of Marine Science
Director of Vester Marine & Environmental Science Research Field Station

Governor Appointed Member of Blue Green Algae Task Force



Rob Moher, President and CEO of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, has more than 25 years of experience in local, regional and international conservation.   


He recently celebrated his 20th anniversary at the Conservancy. 


In his current role as President and CEO, Moher’s key focus is to build upon the Conservancy’s outstanding 55 year history in Southwest Florida with a keen eye on future environmental challenges.  He believes in collaborative and science-based approaches in order to balance economic growth with environmental conservation.  Moher is establishing cooperative partnerships with local individuals, businesses, governmental and non-governmental institutions to further the Conservancy’s mission to protect Southwest Florida’s water, land, wildlife and future. 

Conservancy of Southwest Florida President and CEO



Kathleen Passidomo (Republican) is a member of the Florida State Senate, representing District 28. Passidomo was elected to the office on November 8, 2016. She began serving as state Senate majority leader in 2018 and served in the Florida House of Representatives, representing District 106 from 2010 to 2016. Kathleen Passidomo earned her B.A. from Trinity College and her J.D. from Stetson University. Her professional experience includes working as an attorney at the firm of Kelly, Passidomo & Alba, LLP, focusing on corporate, banking and real estate law.

District 28 Senator | Majority (Republican) Leader



Byron Donalds (Republican) is a member of the Florida House of Representatives, representing District 80. Donalds was elected to the office on November 8, 2016.  He was first elected to the chamber in 2016. Byron Donalds also serves as a Commercial Credit Officer in banking and as a Portfolio Manager in financial services.

District 80 State Representative



Captain Daniel Andrews once lived his life’s calling as a full-time fishing guide. As the SW Florida estuaries began declining due to water mismanagement practices, so did Capt. Daniel’s business. He learned of the underlying corruption and lack of awareness in the outdoor community, leading him to fight back by co-founding Captains For Clean Water. As Executive Director, Capt. Daniel keeps a steady pulse on Florida water policy and projects, working with elected officials and government agencies to ensure science-based solutions are implemented to restore our water quality. Capt. Daniel firmly believes that to protect the Everglades and our way of life, we must be the ones to speak up.

Captains for Clean Water Board Executive Director



Penny Taylor represents Collier County’s 4th District. She was elected to the Board of Collier County Commissioners in 2014 following ten years as a member of Naples City Council including 2 years as Naples Vice-Mayor. Penny currently serves as Chair of the Economic Development for the Board of County Commissioners. In 2017, she was named Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners by fellow commissioners.

Penny has also chaired the 10-member Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in 2016 and 2017 and has chaired the Tourist Development Council in 2015 and 2016. In addition, she co-chaired the county’s first City of Naples/Collier County Sea Level Rise panel discussions in commission chambers in 2017, attracting a standing-room only audience. Penny owns and operates her own photography business in Naples with her work appearing in some of the nation’s largest newspapers and magazines, and in numerous exhibits in Southwest Florida, as well as in various local and regional magazines. 

District 4 County Commissioner

Penny Taylor


Since 1993, Andy has lived, worked, and raised two wonderful children in Collier County’s District 2.  After many years building a thriving legal practice, in 2019 Andy became the Executive Vice President of the Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA), an international trade association serving the manufacturers and designers of conveyor equipment. 


While raising a family and building a career, Andy also focused on giving back by volunteering with many different charitable and community service organizations and with economic development efforts in Collier County, including serving on the Planning Commission.  He was elected to represent District 2 on the Collier County Board of Commissioners in 2016, and re-elected in 2018.

District 2 County Commissioner

Andy Solis

Heading 3

Did you know?

  • Every adult oyster filters 50 gallons of water a day contributing to clean water.
  • Rink2Reef™ reefs provide a habitat for oyster, barnacles and provides protection to juvenile fish, creating an abundant ecosystem.
  • Each Rink2Reef™ reef has the potential to house up to 400 oysters. Each oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day, resulting in 20,000 gallons of water cleaned every day in our waterways.
  • We are installing 16 reefs... so if you do the math, collectively, they could filter over 300,000 gallons of water every day.

About the

mini reefs

  • The 16 mini-reefs that are being installed under the docks of Celebration Park & Three60 Market were constructed at the Vester Marine Station at FGCU through the Rink2reef program. They were built using broken hockey sticks that would otherwise be sent to landfills by group of people led by the Naples Board of Realtors (NABOR) 2019 Leadership Academy and was funded by contributions from NABOR.

  • When placed under a dock, the reefs create a perfect habitat for oysters to live. Each reef has the potential to house up to 400 oysters. That is important because oysters are natural water filters. In fact, each oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water per day. If you do the math, 15 reefs times 400 oysters times 50 gallons equals 300,000 gallons of water filtered every day!


The Conservancy of Southwest Florida said it best when they proclaimed that "Water is the lifeblood of Florida, for people, nature and the economy."

Water impacts our health, our economy, our quality of life and our future. Individually, we all have the opportunity to educate ourselves on what we can do to contribute in a positive way to our water quality. Collectively, we can have an enormous impact on water quality for generations to come.

Wanting to be a part of the growing focus on water quality improvement in Southwest Florida, the 2019 NABOR® Leadership Academy began to research ways we could become personally involved. We found an exciting program that FGCU and the NHL are partnering on called Rink2Reef™ Oyster Habitats Waterways Restoration Program.

Broken hockey sticks and reduction water pollution may seem unrelated. However, there is a nexus between the two -- Florida Gulf Coast University's hockey players and their coach, Bob Wasno, have created a program that converts broken sticks into artificial reefs.

Researchers at FGCU's Vester Marine and Environmental Sciences Research Field Station, FGCU's Hockey Clubs and the NHL's Green Initiative Program have teamed up to help clean up coastal waterways by creating artificial oyster reefs and habitats from an unlikely material: Broken hockey sticks. 

You can learn more about this fantastic program along with other related clean water topics at our CELEBRATE CLEAN WATER event on October 5, 2019. Get details on the event. 

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THE host

"Individually, we are one drop.

Together, we are an ocean."

– Ryunosuke Satoro

The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®) is the foundation for REALTOR® professional services and promotion of the REALTORS® value to the community. The 2019 NABOR® Leadership Academy, a group of real estate professionals and members of NABOR®, is honored to bring the "Celebrate Clean Water" event to our Southwest Florida neighbors. The eleven members of 2019 NABOR® Leadership Academy conducted extensive research on viable solutions and impactful ways they could contribute toward the pursuit of improved water quality. 

This group's efforts led them to the work that Dr. Michael Parsons and the team at FGCU and Vester Marine Station are doing on Rink2Reef™. As a result of the synergy between them, the "Celebrate Clean Water" event was created. Once the 2019 NABOR® Leadership Academy chose to become involved in the Rink2Reef™ hockey sticks to oyster reef restoration program, their mission was to find a locations to install the fifteen artificial reefs they plan to build. Their goal was to maximize the potential their fifteen hockey stick reefs could offer in their clean water efforts. As their luck would have it, the group found Rebecca Maddox, a local entrepreneur and owner of Celebration Park. Not only would Rebecca's hip and successful food truck park provide a great home to a number of NABOR® provided reefs, but her Celebration Park was the perfect venue to hold their "Celebrate Clean Water" event.

This "Celebrate Clean Water" event is the culmination of a successful partnership between the 2019 NABOR® Leadership Academy, FGCU, Celebration Park and Bean to Cup, another recipient of the hockey stick reefs provided by NABOR® that will be installed under their docks.

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2019 NABOR® Leadership academy

James Hinson, BEX Realty